A Visionary Founder and President: Mr. Marc Dion

Mr. Marc Dion, a former trucker, wanted to do something to improve the quality of life of truckers. Having worked as a truck driver for many years, Mr. Dion had experienced first-hand the physical difficulties of the job. Driven by the desire to help truckers preserve their physical health and continue their work, he is dedicated to creating products that are not only perfect, but also safe.

Trucker's Barre Products on the Market

After a few years of trial and error, Mr. Dion finally introduced his products to a few truckers, who gave positive feedback. It was confirmation that Trucker's Barre products met a real need in the industry. It is with the greatest pride that Mr. Dion is now putting Trucker's Barre products on the market, hoping to benefit the greatest number of truckers.

Trucker Safety at the Heart of Trucker's Barre

Trucker's Barre was born from the vision of a former trucker, who wanted to keep truckers safe. With a deep understanding of the physical challenges of the profession, Mr. Dion worked hard to create products that would preserve their physical health and allow them to continue their work longer. With Trucker's Barre , truckers can now benefit from improved physical well-being, allowing them to work more safely and efficiently.

Improving the quality of life of truckers

Trucker's Barre is committed to providing truckers with the best safety tools to keep them safe and improve their quality of life.