#4 #5 Drawer Step

$746.00 USD


Product #4 and #5

The drawer steps are a rack equipped with two non-slip steps which are fixed below the truck. The integrated slide allows the steps to be pulled out from the outside of the truck for safe getting on and off. Everything is 100% quality aluminum and made in Quebec.

Simple to install, quick, efficient and very safe.

  • 44 inches tall or 51 inches
  • 100% aluminum step
  • Non-slip step
  • Designed for truck boxes with side doors and trailer
  • Weight: 50 lbs; Height 29 p; Width 35 p; Depth 25
  • Manufacturer: Certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau and ISO9001
  • Installation not included, we have manufacturing partners
  • An installation guide will be provided to you
  • Shipping not included

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