Safety tools for truckers


Convinced customers
The Trucker's Barre ladder, we loved it and we recommend it.
— Claude Bourdeau, driving instructor
It takes us much less time now and it looks professional for the client!
— Ross Transportation
It's reliable! All truckers should have the ladder.
— Joseph Lamontagne
3 Pop rivets and it's installed! I ended up jumping out of my trailer.
— Pierre Pelletier, truck driver
Best buy ever!
— Sarah Boucher, truck driver
We tried 5 ladder models and this is the best and strongest.
— Michael Lévesque, trucker


Safe and easy to install.

Reliable security solutions

Essential safety tools for Canadian truckers. Stay safe on the road with Trucker's Barre.

Founder of trucker's bar


Having worked in the industrial trucking sector, Marc Dion quickly noticed the shortcomings of the trade for worker safety. Every day, truckers push the limits of their bodies in order to perform their daily tasks. Trucker's Barre was born out of an awareness of trucker safety. Since then, the company has grown year after year by improving the quality of life of truckers.


Safe and easy to install.