#6 #7 #8 #9 Trucker's Step Simple

$284.00 USD

Type of attachment

Products: aluminum with #6 fastener and without #7 fastener
Yellow with fixing #8 and without fixing #9

Safe and easy to use , our ladder allows you to safely get on and off your trailer exactly where you need it.

The Simple Trucker's Step works for trailer types, Flatbed, boom trucks, platforms, cranes, etc.

It can be installed permanently or temporarily when needed.

It is equipped with three non-slip steps, thanks to these two grips it always provides three points of support at all times, when going up or down.

Two simple Trucker's Step options:

  • Trucker's Step Simple TB 190919 E1S with fixings (Permanent).
  • Trucker's Step simple TB 190919 E1SF without fixing (Temporary).

✔ Supports up to 450 pounds / 204 kg

✔ Made in Canada

✔ Made from 100% premium aluminum

✔ Very light

✔ Aluminum fusion welds

✔ Storage attachment included

✔ Manufacturer: Certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau and ISO9001

Product video

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