#39 Pneumatic strap lance

$448.00 USD


Easily launch your 3 inch loading belts

100% aluminum
Only 12 pounds

Warning for using the pneumatic belt thrower

  • Use the automatic strap launcher to launch truck straps. This tool is not suitable for anything else.
  • Only put straps in the automatic strap launcher. The tool is not suitable for any other object.
  • The air released from the automatic strap launcher can seriously injure you. Never point the tool at anyone.
  • Trucker's Barre is not responsible for any injuries caused by improper use of the product.


Steps for using the pneumatic belt thrower

  1. Secure the area with 4 cones located 6 feet on each side of your trailer.
  2. Wear your work gloves, safety glasses and caps or shells.
  3. Make sure the strap launcher safety valve is closed.
  4. Load the bucket with your belt.
  5. Open the safety valve and let air in up to the required pressure and then close the valve.
  6. Carry the automatic strap launcher on your shoulder and press the cushioned device correctly against your body.
  7. Press the two safety locks to launch the belt and aim for the top of the load.
  8. Start the strap with the automatic strap launcher.