In 2021, Quebec recorded more than 200 work-related deaths, more than 93,000 work accidents and more than 12,000 occupational illnesses. It's way too much! However, it is possible to find solutions to reverse the situation.

At Trucker's Barre, our mission is to prevent injuries to truckers so that they can do their job, their passion, for as long as possible.

Our Quebec innovations are designed to meet the needs of truckers! Having been a trucker himself, our founder, Marc Dion, is always attentive to the needs in terms of health and safety in the industry.

Claude Preston, a truck driver for over 30 years, injured his shoulder during a professional activity. Mr. Preston's injury required an operation, several medical follow-ups and not to mention a 6-month absence from work. Despite the rest and rehabilitation exercises recommended by health professionals, Mr. Preston was unable to regain the same strength he once possessed, thus not allowing him to properly perform his tasks at work.

Trucker's Barre products have been recommended by a healthcare professional to aid work reintegration and reduce injury-causing repetitive motions. The simple Trucker's Step , the Lance Strap kit , the strap bar and the wrap kit were therefore reimbursed by the CNESST following medical recommendations from health professionals.

The Trucker's Barre team is extremely proud to help truckers in their daily work life.

Trucker's Barre Business Highlights:
  • Trucker's Barre is designed in Quebec by a manufacturer certified by the Canadian welding office and which has the ISO9001 standard.
  • High quality materials - 100% aluminum
  • Aluminum fusion welds
  • They trust us: Beacon, Hydro-Québec, United Rentals, Camion Beaudoin and more

Statistical sources: Journal de Québec

November 28, 2022 — Marc Dion